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Journal of Management, Religion and Spirituality, April 2020: Nurturing the Soul of the Company at EILEEN FISHER, INC.

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Speaking Engagements

2020 The Power of WE. Nyack, NY – February 2020: The Journey to Healthy Integration

2019 Fall Speaker Salon with Tricia Brouk. New York, NY – October 2019: The Power of Healthy Integration. Click here for Talk

2019 National Wellness Institute, Kissimmee, FL – October 2019: Wellness Academy – Unlocking Wellness at Every Level – Men’s Wellbeing & Gender Balance in the Workplace

2019 Culture First Conference, San Francisco, CA – July 2019: Let’s Change the Conversation from Fixing Toxic Masculinity to Healing the Wounded Masculine

2019 Global Women for Wellbeing (GW4W) “Unsummit” Summit @ the Breakers, Palm Beach, FL – June 2019: Defining Healthy Masculine & Feminine Leadership Models Think Tank

2019 International Women’s Day at Tapestry, Inc., New York, NY – March 2019: Men as Allies ADVOCATING FOR WOMEN