The Facilitator S T U D I O is a training ground for Soulful Facilitators. We offer a robust curriculum to develop the next generation of Bridge Builders, Facilitators, Leaders, and Change Makers around the art of soul-inspired facilitation.

Intro to Soulful Facilitation Deep Dive

What does it mean to be a soul-inspired facilitator?  What does it mean to hold sacred space for deep transformation as a facilitator?  How do we as facilitators need to evolve and show up to meet the needs of a changing world? In this 90-hour Virtual Deep Dive, we’ll come together to explore these questions in light of our changing and evolving world. We’ll learn the foundational principles of introducing a soul-inspired approach into our facilitation experiences. We’ll explore what it means to hold sacred space and what is required of the facilitator and in the space to safely and bravely hold that space for deep transformation. 

The Soulful Facilitator’s Purpose Master Class

This 2-hour Virtual Master Class is designed for experienced facilitators who might be asking how to do take their facilitation skill to the next level and expand my ability to hold space for deeply transformative facilitation work. This Master Class then takes the conversation deeper around the question of how do I blend my desire for soulful work into my life as a facilitator, bridge builder, leader, and change maker in the world. How do I become the soul-inspired facilitator I seek to become?

In this 2-hour Virtual Master Class, we’ll come together to explore the existential questions in light of our changing and evolving world. You’ll learn a framework and approach for finding, exploring, and keeping your purpose through a soul-inspired lens. You’ll also receive The Soulful Facilitator’s Purpose PDF Workbook as part of your registration.

The Power of Soulful Facilitation 10-Week Intensive

The Power of Soulful Facilitation is a 10-module course (2.5 hours for each module) that introduces a soul-inspired approach for designing and delivering facilitated experiences. As the world continues to evolve, the holders of space for the critical conversations that are required for our future, will be asked to evolve as well. The ways we hold space across difference, in light of great uncertainty, and without the safeguards created by crumbling systems will require an evolved facilitator. A facilitator who is resilient, who has done their deep work, and who is soul-inspired with a deepened level of consciousness, compassion, and connection to the participants and spaces they serve. 

  • Week 1:   Foundations in Soulful Facilitation for a Changing World
  • Week 2:   Contemplative & Embodied Practices for Facilitation
  • Week 3:   The Ego, Vulnerability and Genuine Connection
  • Week 4:   Holding Sacred Space for Transformative Conversations
  • Week 5:   Balancing the Masculine & Feminine in the Space
  • Week 6:   Navigating Power Dynamics in Facilitation
  • Week 7:   Elevating & Engaging All Voices in the Space
  • Week 8:   Creativity and Play as Facilitation Tools
  • Week 9:   The Art of Ritual & Ceremony in Facilitation
  • Week 10: The Soulful Facilitator In-Flow Closing Ceremony

Soulful Facilitator Masterminds

Mastermind sessions are designed for Soulful Facilitators who have completed the 10-Week Intensive to test out, try out, and experiment with new facilitation techniques, exercises, and practices and receive real time feedback from their facilitator peers

Soulful Facilitator Creativity Design Studios

Set in a creative atmosphere, Soulful Facilitators come together in intimate facilitator communities to workshop their facilitation design ideas by sharing ideas, receiving feedback, and playing with new innovative concepts to their designs to the next level

Soulful Facilitator Retreats

Soulful Facilitator Retreat invite facilitators to come together for deeper experiences that create space for soul-inspired personal and professional growth and strengthen community.

The Soulful Facilitator Certification

Sympónia plans to offer the The Soulful Facilitator Certification Program as a credential for soul-inspired facilitation expertise. The Certification program encompasses soul-inspired personal growth, design and delivery facilitation skill, and a fundamental understanding of the evolving facilitation needs for our changing world. Certified Soulful Facilitators are able to use this credential out in the world and allow them to become facilitators for the labs offered by The Studio.