The Power of The Soul-Inspired Leader

The Leader LAB offers a series of experiences uniquely designed to develop the soul-inspired leaders, bridge builders, and change makers who are equipped to innovate collaboratively, redefine leadership models, reimagine systems & structures, and transform cultures through a soul-inspired lens.

Each lab is designed to be highly experiential, interactive, and customizable for a robust and visceral learning experience. These experiences combine highly experiential sophisticated training programs, masterminds, roundtable discussions, and innovation labs in a unique studio environment.


  • The Compassion Lab
    Compassion is at the heart of every Sympónia offering so much so that it’s in our name. The Compassion Studio is compassion–inspired personal growth curriculum built around authenticity, connection, purpose, wellbeing, and integration. Before engaging in any sort of bridge building, leadership, and systems work, we believe it’s critical to understand, experience, and be equipped to express compassion.
  • The Creativity Lab
    Creativity, Play, and Fun are at the foundation of all Sympónia experiences. Creativity and play allow us to let our guard down and open up to new experiences, new ideas, and new paradigms. Each facilitated experience must create a visceral connection for participants that blend head, heart, and intuition. This connection can allow for a deeper level learning to take place where assumptions, beliefs and mindsets are challenged and explored in non-threatening ways.
  • The Consciousness Lab
    Each Sympónia engagement begins with the Enneagram, a powerful and deep assessment tool that focuses on supporting the personal growth and development of the individual as a bridge builder, integrated leader, change maker, or facilitator. The Enneagram is a motivation-based assessment that elevates one’s level of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and resilience.


  • The Gender Lab
    A corner-stone program, Sympónia offers an accessible conversation that helps people of all genders understand how gender has evolved and their relationship to it. Before we can begin to create gender equity, the idea of gender needs to be examined and explored with a new lens. The Gender Studio provides that lens and opens the conversation to a new way of being, working together, and building bridges.
  • The Integration Lab
    Moving beyond gender, Sympónia offers experiences that integrates the healthy masculine and feminine into the workplace – in leadership, teams, systems, culture, and innovation. These experiences help leaders, teams, and employees understand the impact of traditional masculine models and the role of power on all genders and the workplace and the possibilities that comes from healthy integration.
  • The Connection Lab
    Symponia offers bridge building workshops and training programs to deepen the level of compassionate collaboration. Building upon the personal growth and development work, helping individuals and teams come into their potential as bridge builders. Creating a new paradigm for building bridges, including more voices, and making collaborative decisions that are effective and accountable.


  • The Power Lab
    Sympónia helps leaders and teams understand traditional power dynamics at play in the workplace. The power dynamics and leadership models that can minimize voices and limit decision making and problem solving. The challenges facing organizations today are increasingly complex and require more innovative and inclusive ways of thinking and problem solving. Understanding power dynamics can help strengthening bridge building across teams.
  • The Leader Lab
    Integrated leadership is the blending of the healthy integration (masculine/feminine, mind/body/spirit, head/heart/intuition connection) into practices that elevate team dynamics, systems and policy change, culture, innovation, and performance. We also believe that transformational leadership requires a deeper understanding of self and embracing those dimensions of ourselves that are often suppressed or overlooked. Sympónia offers integrated leadership consulting with a series of cutting-edge workshops, labs, retreats, circles, coaching, and summits focused specifically for current and emerging bridge builders, leaders, and change makers as they elevate into their full integrated potential.
  • The Men’s Lab
    The Sympónia Men Studio offers men’s specific programming with deeper dive experiences to explore personal growth, gender and power dynamics, bridge building, and leadership. Men will discuss with other men ways to understand the shifting gender and power dynamics and understand the role evolving role men can play as bridge builders.


  • The Change Lab
    Sympónia’s origins stem from the worlds of change management and organization development. This studio examines the latest trends in change and transformation theory and practice. Through highly interactive experiences, participants develop change strategies for large- and small-scale transformations.
  • The Systems Lab
    Sympónia creates innovation labs opportunities for bridge builders, facilitators and leaders, and change makers to come together to explore new ways to reimagine systems, structures, and policies essential to our evolving world. Participates engage in deconstruction and rebuilding processes that introduce large data sets, futurist ideas, innovation processes, and group decision making experiences to engage high-level thinkers in this advance lab offering.
  • The Culture Lab
    Sympónia provides leaders, teams, and employees with programs that create workplace cultures that are more conscious, compassionate, and connected. Through a number of highly interactive experiences, participants develop a prototype for an ideal workplace that values and elevates the voices and contributions of everyone.