Enneagram 4 Practitioners

We’re Sympónia, a compassion-inspired leadership development consulting practice committed to developing integrated leaders, bridge builders, and change makers equipped to reimagine systems and transform cultures. We believe personal growth is the first step to leadership development and bridge building and the Enneagram is at the heart of the personal and inner growth work.

The Enneagram is a powerful assessment that is widely used for deeper-level individual growth, leadership development, and enhanced team dynamics.  It’s a tool that helps individuals and teams understand what motivates and drives human behavior.  

By understanding these motivations, individuals can deepen self-awareness and emotional intelligence, elevate their level of engagement and resilience, enrich the level of creativity and innovation individually and collectively, and enhance individual and team performance. The essential preparation to come into bridge building conversations with a sense of openness and curiosity to explore more deeply, honestly, and courageously.

 This Practitioner Offer is designed for:

Human Resource Professionals
Learning & Development Facilitators
Organization Development Practitioners
Change Management Practitioners
Life, Leadership & Executive Coaches 
Wellness Practitioners
Ministers and Spiritual Leaders
Social Entrepreneurs & Leaders
Teachers, Counselors & Academics
Bridge Builders & Change Makers 

If you’re interested (or have been interested) in taking the Enneagram to experience the depth and richness of this powerful instrument, this is an opportunity to receive an individualized debrief of the Enneagram Standard or Professional Reports.

Enneagram Client Testimonial
The Enneagram report is dense, illuminating, and comprehensive. But having an expert Sherpa to help mine its riches and contextualize it strikes me as crucial. Sean’s mastery of its nuances and layers enables him to connect disparate dots and zero in on what matters most.  I came away from our debrief with a deeper understanding of the role my core fears and desires have had on how I think, feel, and behave.  Together Sean and I explored how I might harness and transform self-limiting beliefs and behaviors into life and career enhancing personal empowerment. In sum, Sean has helped me to develop a clearer, fuller vision for the next stage of my life that encompasses tangible and inspiring ways to own and fulfill on my life’s purpose.

Associate Client Partner, Korn Ferry
New York, NY

Overview of the Two Reports:

For practitioners, the Enneagram is like having a powerful tool in your toolbox that helps you create real movement with your clients (individuals and teams) through deeper-level self awareness, acute insights, and practical strategies for growth and creating meaningful impact.


Enneagram Standard Package
22-Page Standard Report
One-hour Enneagram Debrief 
Regular: $395
Practitioner Rate: $375
Enneagram Professional Package
42-Page Standard + Leadership Report
Two-hour Enneagram Debrief 
Regular: $585
Practitioner Rate: $525

Sympónia Enneagram Coaching Packages
10% Practitioner Discount off Coaching Packages
Inquire below for specific coaching packages and offerings.

  • Purpose & Performance Coaching
    Sympónia has been offering career, purpose, and performance coaching since 2004 under the Values-Driven Careers umbrella. Our commitment to personal growth and development is embedded in our coaching approach with a focus on elevating self-awareness, emotional intelligence and resilience through the Enneagram. Our coaching offerings are compassion based and deep the level of heart-centered leadership while finding a deeper-sense of meaning and purpose, strengthening relationships, and creating meaningful impact in the world.
  • Integrated Leadership Coaching
    Sympónia offers coaching specifically for leaders as they embark on their personal growth journey towards integration.  The personal growth journey focuses on deepen levels of compassion, authenticity, connection, purpose, wellbeing and integration.  The coaching builds upon these core growth areas to further support transformational leadership and bridge building skill development.   The coaching takes a strength based approach while at the same time helping leaders overcome obstacles, internal barriers, and blind spots that might be inhibiting performance, connection, and engagement as leaders.
  • Men As Bridge Builders Coaching
    Sympónia offers coaching specifically for men to explore the challenges and conditioned barriers to connection and bridge building across gender and beyond gender. A fundamental conversation centers around power and examining the relationship to power and alternative ways of sharing power. The coaching and training also helps men examine and understand their blind spots around bridge building.  This coaching also helps men explore and make sense of the shifting gender rules and roles in society and in the workplace in a judgment and shame-free space.  
  • FacilitatorEDGE Coaching
    Sympónia offers one on one coaching for facilitators looking to up their facilitation game. We support facilitators in coming into their full integrated power, clarifying their purpose and desired impact, elevating their facilitation style and approach, introducing diverse modalities, and designing for transformation. Special attention is holding safe and brave space for bridge building discussions and experiences.
  • GenderTALKS for Leaders & Teams
    It seems gender rules and roles in the workplace continue to shift and evolve without a set playbook for navigating the changes. This is what GenderTALKS for Leaders & Teams is all about – to have a judgment-free space to ask questions and bring up topics that are on top of mind around how to navigate and create healthier gender dynamics at work. GenderTALKS can be customized and tailored to specific audiences – coed/all genders, leadership teams, in-tact teams, or single-gendered discussions.
Coaching Client Testimonials
Everyone needs to spend time talking to and learning from Sean! I could not have made it through the career move from corporate worker bee to entrepreneur/business owner without Sean’s expert coaching. He listens well and remembers everything! Sean didn’t just act as “cheerleader” and teach me the first steps in starting my business, he taught me that confidence and motivation are choices and success is there if I want it. Sean’s coaching sessions have stuck with me throughout the past couple of years and when I am feeling anxious about the next steps I draw strength from those counseling sessions.

Director of Marketing & Clinical Assistant Professor
Bothell, Washington
Every time I talk to someone who says I just don’t know what I want to do with my life and I hear that a lot, I tell them the story of my journey with Sean. Changing careers and trying to figure out where you belong in the world is a daunting and scary task, a lot of us try to avoid, and I did for a long time. Having Sean to talk to and guide you makes it a lot less stressful and scary, it becomes logical and inspiring. So if you feel like you need a new path, are just not sure what to do with your career and are lost or scared to take the first steps to make such a big change I recommend Sean without hesitation.
Freelance Editor
New York, NY
Sean is the singular person, career coach extraordinaire, who helped me finally take measurable and sustained action on my desire to step into a new career lifestyle. Because of him I have my own growing freelance business. Sean’s gift is a unique approach to coaching, focusing on both the big picture “whys” and the small action steps, intuitively spending time on one or the other depending on the tone of the conversation. In addition, his humorous yet professional yet sincere approach made understandable the rollercoaster of emotions I experienced and the plethora of madcap career ideas I dreamed up. Finally, Sean’s ability to point out patterns and his willingness to reveal hard truths steered me to accept and take action on the career that would truly make me happy for the long term.
Experience Manager
New York, NY

If you’re interested in the Enneagram or an Enneagram-based Coaching Program, inquire with your name and email address below. We’ll reach out to answer any questions, determine the right report or program for you, collect payment, and send you a link to launch your Enneagram exploration.

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