Click above to hear the Speaker Salon Talk: The Power of Healthy Integration.

We are a pivotal point in the history of our society. While the need for head-heart connected leaders is at an all-time high, the need for the high caliber facilitators and leaders who are equipped to hold space and develop those integrated leaders, build high quality teams, strengthen communities, and solve complex societal challenges in innovative ways has never been greater. The facilitators the world needs today are the soul-inspired bridge builders, leaders, and change makers who have gone through their our journey to healthy integration and balance.

Soulful facilitation and soul-inspired leadership begins when those of us who convene groups engage in our own personal growth and integration work for a healthier balance. This journey to integration asks us (and often requires us) to deepen our level of self compassion and compassion for others that opens the door to more authentic bridge building, which in turn helps us innovate and solve increasingly complex business and societal challenges differently.